Consumers want reclosable cans and sustainable beverage packaging!

How do we know? We asked! In a recent survey 1,000 randomly chosen US adults were asked their opinions about reclosable cans. The results show that consumers want cans that reclose, will pay more for them and the packaging material does impact their purchase decision.


think reclosable cans would be convenient 


would pay more for cans that are reclosable 


say environmental impact

of packaging factors into purchase decision 

1. SipNShut is easy to open and reclose

2. Wide opening for smooth pouring and drinkability

3. Liquid-tight when reclosed to prevent spills


The sliding mechanism is easy for consumers of all ages to open. No sharp edges!


A patented venting mechanism ensures smooth liquid flow and superior drinkability.


When the  can recloses it is completely liquid tight. Tamper evidencing is also included. 


A functional and intuitive design consumers will love

Unlike the reclosable can options available today, consumers will instantly understand how SipNShut works. No tricky snaps. No unnatural twisting. No explanation needed. Just move the lever to the left, then back to the right to open. It’s that easy. And tamper evidencing is built in under the lever. 


SipNShut can boost brand sales by influencing impulse decisions 

SipNShut adds an irresistible "new and cool” and is sure to stand out on store shelves. In many beverage categories, 70% of purchase decisions are made standing at the store shelf. Adding SipNShut to your packaging mix will draw attention and that can have a major impact on impulse sales, especially in C-stores.

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