Today’s consumers are constantly on the move. They want cans that keep the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out.

How do we know? We asked! In a recent survey we asked 339 randomly chosen adults were asked what improvements they want to see made to beverage cans. The results show that there is significant unmet demand for reclosable cans.

* Based on survey of 339 randomly chosen US adults.

1. Reliable and simple to open

2. Tamper indicator for safety

The sliding mechanism is easy for consumers of all ages to open and close, with no sharp edges.

Once the seal has been broken, consumers will quickly be able to spot it, even when reclosed.

3. Wide opening for smooth flow

The opening includes a patented venting mechanism that maximizes smooth liquid flow and drinkability.

4. Reclosable to prevent spills

With a simple and secure movement to the left, the shutter recloses and is completely liquid tight.


An elegant, intuitive design consumers will love

Unlike the recloseable can options available today, consumers will instantly understand how SipNShut works. No tricky snaps. No unnatural twisting. No explanation needed. But just in case, a simple arrow tells the consumer to move the lever to the right, then back to the left to open. It’s that easy.

SipNShut can boost brand sales by influencing impulse decisions at point-of-sale

Younger consumers love to try new things and SipNShut provides an irresistible new “wow factor” that consumers are sure to notice. In many beverage categories, 70% of purchase decisions are made standing at the store shelf. Adding SipNShut to your packaging mix will draw attention and that can have a major impact on your sales, especially in C-stores where the can top is more easily seen to allow for easier access by the consumer.

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